What are the benefits of remote work?

The typical workspace environment is changing. With more and better tools for virtual collaboration and communication available, most professionals are now looking at shifting to remote work, at least partially.

Managing remote teams can be challenging – companies need to come up with strategies to ensure their teams remain motivated and do not lose the connection with corporate values. However, allowing remote work practices can bring a lot of benefits for employees, as well as businesses. We’ve summed up the main advantages:



#1 Higher productivity levels

Many managers struggle with the concept of remote teams, wondering if employees will really be working if they’re not in the office. However, several studies have shown that, when working from home, employees tend to start working earlier and take less breaks along the day. Plus, by working in a quieter environment with fewer distractions, workers are able to work much more efficiently.


#2 Money savings

With fewer people onsite, companies are able to use their workspace more efficiently, which can lead to considerable savings in office space rent.


#3 Talent acquisition and retention

Offering more flexible working arrangements can be a top differentiator in attracting top talent – or even ensuring yours don’t leave. An increasing number of professionals are stating they would change jobs to have more flexible working locations.



#1 Higher schedule flexibility

Working from home gives employees more control over their schedule, which can be crucial to a better work-life balance.

Taking children to school and still squeezing in some gym time in the morning, running a quick errand in the middle of the day, scheduling doctor’s appointments or simply being home to receive a package. All these can be much easier when you work from home.


#2 Time savings

More than 20% of Europeans spend at least 90 minutes a day commuting. By working from home, employees can use that spare time to get some extra sleep in the morning, have a healthier breakfast, spend more time with family and friends, workout or even take on a new hobby.


#3 Money savings

Remote workers tend to save up extra money at the end of the year, even if they do it so partially. Gas, parking fees, bought lunches – all of these are costs that can be greatly reduced.


#4 Workspace customization

Employees are more productive in a working space that’s comfortable and adapted to their needs. When working from home, you are able to customize your office without any limitations – whether it’s a more ergonomic chair, a foot rest or a better computer mouse.


#5 Better health

Working from home can help employees improve their health. Remote workers have more time to exercise, more ability to eat healthier and are less exposed to illnesses (e.g. colds, flu). It also reduces stress levels (for example, by reducing their exposure to rush hour traffic) and allows them more personal time, which contributes to a better mental health.


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Posted: April 14, 2020