Unify business processes

Single-app model for all business operations in insurance

The project

Active in the insurance sector, the customer had a wide range of web applications. Each app was aimed at different end-users (both internal and external) and managed distinct activities – including payments and reimbursements, web portal or Backoffice management. The goal was to develop a single app that was able to centralize all operations.

The whole project followed an Agile methodology. The Frontend team worked with Angular 5 and the PrimeNG plugin for the User Interface (UI) components. A GitLab branch was created for all the components (such as inputs, tables, cards, etc.) that were common to all applications, in order to ensure a uniform style – for which SASS was used, with an ITCSS architecture.


  • Developing a unique platform, which would fit the requirements and needs of each department and activity;

The customer

The customer was the Spanish subsidiary of a major player in the insurance sector. Conveying the message on the Agile methodology way of working was challenging at times.