Contract automation

Automated deployment of insurance contracts in Belgium

The project

This fully customized web-based solution enables the creation of insurance offers by the brokers and their automated conversion into concrete and valid contracts. Handled by several insurance agents simultaneously, the platform was required to be able to process large amounts of unstructured data (each contract offers a different set of products and terms) in a short period of time (as the platform was used during meetings with clients).

The software had to ensure each contract included all the offers, terms and conditions negotiated with the respective client (based on the inputs delivered by the broker), whilst, at the same time, abided by the Belgian Law and general terms of the national insurance sector.


  • Dependence of external services to the project;
  • Need to work with and master the most recent technologies in order to develop the product.

The costumer

As one of the leading insurances company in the world, the client was demanding but also very well-structured – every agent had a concrete role on the project, which facilitated the process and optimized the work scope.