Financial Simulator

Optimizing a web-based platform for price comparison

The project

The customer’s accelerated growth led to the need to expand the platform which supported their core business – an online simulator, focusing on Telco and Financial products and services.

Due to its size, international activity and customer base, the company required as stronger and more structured website.

ALTER SOLUTIONS was asked to reshape and optimize the customer’s current platform, in order to ensure seamless scalability and better governance. We were also responsible for its daily maintenance.


  • Changing from an in-memory database multi-node environment with synchronization queues to a persistent database shared between nodes.
  • Scraping partner website to be able to integrate their data in our results due the lack of an API.
  • Migrating and adapting the original product feature in order to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and expand the business.

The customer

The customer is a web-based startup operating in multiple countries. It offers an online simulator for private users, focusing on Telco and Financial products and services. Revenues are generated by establishing partnerships with the product and service providers, which grants the company a percentage of the cost, every time a user acquires the product via the platform.