Factory Audits

App development to digitize audits to nuclear energy factories

The project

In its nuclear energy production factories, the client conducted regular audits, which were done using obsolete methods. The technicians would carry large sheets of paper, which they would fill out by hand during the audit.

The application developed by our Nearshore team enabled auditors to perform the evaluation using a tablet, which would store all the required information in a uniform and encrypted manner. At the end of the audit, the data was then uploaded to a server and transferred to the client’s network.

The Challenges

  • Designing an easy-to-use solution that technicians were able to work with while carrying out the audits;
  • Ensuring the safety of data due to its sensitive nature;
  • High level of demand from the client.

The customer

A major producer and distributor of energy both in in Europe. It is also the world’s biggest producer of nuclear energy, owning 58 nuclear power plants in its home country.