Data Visualization in Retail

Understanding consumer behavior in retail stores


The average retail store in Europe has  a surveillance system installed in its premises in order to prevent shoplifting. Such solutions, composed of sensors and cameras, enable businesses to see, in real time, how many people are in the store and where they are located.

The project aimed to transform all the visual data recorded by these devices into readable and quantifiable one, offering unique information on consumer behavior.

1. Consumer Insights

Visual data from camera and sensors is stored and converted into intelligible information, through the creation of heatmaps and other data visualization formats. These enables businesses to have an accessible record and draw valuable insights on consumer behavior with potential marketing and sales applications.

2. COVID-19 Security Measures

The COVID-19 pandemic forced supermarkets and retail stores to limit the number of people in their facilities. Sensor data is converted into quantifiable one and results are showcased in real time via a panel at the entrance of the stores letting consumers know if they can enter.