Internal app development

Internal online application for vehicle defects’ registration

The project

As a major automotive manufacturer, the customer required a seamless way to record and process multiple vehicles’ defects. ALTER SOLUTIONS was asked to develop an API and a single-page application for internal use of the company with those features, ensuring that records were able to easily be kept up-to-date.

The project required the use of mainstream technologies, as well as the latest versions of programming languages. The frontend and backend teams were required to all be in close contact with each other, as well as with the product owner and testers, to ensure the application was developed in a uniform way. The project team followed the scrum and agile principles, delivering new features for the end users in each sprint.


  • Need to carry out unit and end-to-end tests for each new feature, in order to ensure more than 90% of code coverage;
  • The project entailed exploring the most recent of technologies, which required teams to be constantly up-to-date with the latest developments.

The customer

The customer is a major German automotive company, with a global presence and high reputation. The product owner had the necessary support and autonomy from the company to ensure a seamless and productive work relationship with the team. Fully committed, the customer made sure to be present in all meetings, both before, during and at the end of each sprint. The close contact with the customer facilitated product development as it allowed the team to have quick feedback and a clear idea of the customer’s wants and needs.