We’re launching our first Academies for recent graduates in Portugal

The IT sector is one of the most demanding in the job market worldwide. In order to help prepare young professionals to the challenges of corporate life, we’re launching our ALTER Camps, the first ALTER SOLUTIONS’s training academies for recent graduates in the IT sector in Portugal.

During these three-month programs, we’re challenging participants to work as a team in order to develop creative solutions to solve concrete problems, both internal or from our partners. In the end, they will be invited to join our company, pending the results from their evaluation.

With these Academies, we aim to contribute to the professional development of recent graduates, by putting them in direct contact with a real corporate environment, whilst helping them acquire technical skills that meet the market’s current needs. All teams have permanent support by a group of experienced professionals who will act as mentors, guiding and challenging the participants.

The ALTER Camps are aimed at young people permanently living in Portugal, with no prior professional experience, with a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in the IT sector.



Posted: January 24, 2019