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Alter Nearshore

Proximity as a service. Your Nearshore team supported by European expertise.

Why work with us

Competitive Offer

High-quality services with fair and competitive rates, adapted to your project’s reality.

Expert Talent

Our developers graduated from internationally renowned universities. Our teams combine the experience of senior experts and the out-of-the-box thinking of young professionals.

Solid Track Record

We are ambitious and 100% dedicated to our projects. As a result, in 2018, our activity in Portugal grew over 200%.

Guaranteed Flexibility

Our highly flexible structure allows us to quickly regroup around your project.

Effortless Contact

Working from mainland Portugal, we are guaranteed to offer you a dedicated team that shares your time zone and speaks multiple languages – honouring the “near” in Nearshore.

Powerful Allies

With a European network with 6 offices and over 600 employees, we ensure a shared and varied skillset, strong cooperation between teams, and more than 10 years of combined experience.

Case Studies